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Advanced Creative Tools and Effective Collaboration
Audiohive is a unique node-based, integrated recording, compositing, editing and mixing solution for collaborative audio post-production.
Designed for multi-format post-production with multi-user interaction in mind, Audiohive combines unified project management with advanced recording, compositing and editing tools. Audiohive offers new collaboration principles to deliver facility efficiency and productivity, removing the technical barriers that slow down production schedules. From simple commercials version tracking to the most complex feature film production, Audiohive tracks the whole process and maintains a logical organization. The final goal is to speed-up processes and to empower the creative skills of your team.
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Parallel Workflow
Unlimited multi-user environment with versioning support for follow-up of changes.
Multi-user concurrent access to metadata and media for effective collaboration
Endlessly scalable system topology, from desktop to multiple workcells. EuCon conectivity to Euphonix control surfaces
Real surround multi-format operation avoids dealing with individual channels and hides format conversion issues
Audiohive is a native multicore Apple Mac OS© X software suite based on a proven, stable platform and ultra-high definition (64bit, high sample rate) audio
Multichannel Audio Unit plug-in support with intelligent busses to plug-in channels mapping
Node-Based Audio

The node-based model is inherent to the post-production process, where every single audio element needs a particular processing chain, tightly integrated along with edited audio into a common unit called Node. The model further expands itself when simple elements are grouped into a group node, called Composition.

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Unlimited Creativity
"Audiohive is a new way of thinking audio post. For the first time we have a tool that removes the technology barriers associated with collaborative environments"

Joo Moura, Dizplay (Lisboa)
"We believe that Audiohive will be one of the successful systems in the industry, given the technological and productivity potential that it represents"

José Casado, Molinare (Barcelona/Madrid)
"You can try to fit new realities into old categories. Or you can invent new categories into which new realities are adapted. One way leads to irrelevance. The other way leads to innovation."

Alan Webber
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